warehousing & Fulfillment

Efficient storage and timely order processing

Commercial Procurement

Strategizing and managing supply chains for efficient acquisition of goods and services.”

Heavy-Duty Racking and Packaging Material

Diverse shelves & packaging: Optimize display, storage & transport for enhanced value

Professional Services Since 2010

3rd Party Logistics Solution Provider

Commercial Procurement, Focusing on Sources in China

Heavy-Duty Racking and Package Material Sale

100,000 Square Feet Self-Owned Warehouses in Vancouver, Calgary, Mississauga, Scarborough, Montreal

Headquartered in Toronto

Efficient and professional technical and service teams of 50 members in China and Canada

Intelligent IT system with end-to-end visibility

About US


13 years of warehousing and logistical experience, our strong reputation in the supply chain industry, and our economies of scale we can perform all your warehousing and distribution needs effectively and cost effectively.

Efficiency and Cost Saving

By using our facility as your 3pl, you eliminate the need to invest in fixed assets for a warehouse, equipment, and/or communication equipment. You also lower overhead costs for labor, benefits, maintenance, etc.


If your company is seasonal in nature, outsourcing your logistics needs to IN storage allows you to reduce your costs during slower months, while increasing warehousing space, labor, and transportation services needed during peak months.

Better Management

Inventory accuracy, Cycle counting, Efficient Inbound and Outbound.

We provide the staff, space, equipment, and expertise to handle all your supply chain needs.

Our Services

Specialized in China-Canada logistics, warehousing and drop shipment services throughout Canada.


(For Canadian Businesses)

Order / E-commerce Fulfillment

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Labeling / Kitting

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Commercial Procurement

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Heavy-Duty Racking and Package Material Sale

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Meet our amazing team

Our Warehouse.

We have five quality warehouses across Canada, Each of them can provide excellent service to our customers.


7299 E Danbro Crescent, Mississauga, ON L5N 6P8


Unit 1 – 90 Nugget Ave, Scarborough, ON M1S 3A7


7731 Rue Valdombre, Saint-Léonard, QC H1S 2V6


Unit106 11471 Blacksmith Pl, Richmond, BC V7A 4T7


5622 Burleigh Crescent SE 3 – 4, Calgary, AB T2H 1Z8

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Warehousing and Fulfillment



SK offers both short and long term storage solutions. Our facility accommodates both racked and stacked storage positions. Our secure facility has both a security and fire prevention plan in place 24/7.

Order Fulfillment / Pick and Pack


SK can handle all your order fulfillment needs. We offer case picking by the master carton, by inner packaging, or by piece. Inner and piece merchandise are packaged into master packs in order to reduce shipping costs. We offer standard 24 hour turn around from order receipt to pick, pack, and shipping but we are also able to accommodate immediate rush or emergency handling .

E-commerce Fulfillment


SK can handle all your e-commerce fulfillment needs. From storing, picking, packing to shipping your product to your customers, we can handle it all. We ship orders within 24 hours. Our e-commerce system has a 24/7 client portal, which you can access anytime. With our high volume of daily shipments, we have great transportation rates available. We can be your one stop shop for your e-commerce needs.

Labeling / Kitting


If your products need to be labeled before shipping to customers, SK can provide a cost effective solution.

Warehouse management consulting

Do you often struggle with: inaccurate inventory, inefficient picking, high costs, and underutilized space?

We offer you

  • Process Optimization: Evaluate existing inbound, storage, picking, packing and outbound processes, identify bottlenecks and inefficient operations, and recommend improvements.

  • Technology Integration: Recommends and assists in the implementation of modern Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), automation solutions, and other technologies to improve warehouse operational efficiency.

  • Inventory Management: Helps organizations implement effective inventory management strategies to reduce excess and out-of-stocks, and the costs associated with them.

  • Layout and Design: Analyze the space utilization of existing warehouses and provide more optimized racking layout, cargo area design and cargo flow paths to ensure maximum space usage and process efficiency.

  • Cost Control: Provide strategies and recommendations to reduce total costs associated with warehouse operations, including labor, space and material costs.

  • Personnel Training: Provide training for warehouse staff to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to improve productivity and quality of work.

Why Choose our procurement services?

E2E Cost Saving: 10+%
YOY Cost Down: 5+%
One-Stop Services

Commercial Procurement:

If you want to cost down and source higher-quality products. SK can provide you a end-to-end commercial procurement solution with us 12 years of experience in procuring from China. We have a professional team in specialized team proficient in Purchase Qualification, Procurement Fulfillment, Quality Assurance, and logistics transportation.

  • Market expertise: We have in-depth knowledge of multiple industries and markets and can help you find the most suitable suppliers.

  • Cost Advantage: With our experience and network of relationships, we can get you the most competitive price possible!

  • Quality Assurance: We don’t just find the suppliers, we also provide you with quality control to ensure that every item you purchase meets the expected standards.

  • Full management: From market research and supplier negotiation to logistics coordination and risk management, we are your one-stop shop.

  • Time efficiency: You don’t have to invest a lot of time and resources in sourcing, just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of all the details for you.

  • Reduce risk: Our team of experts will help you avoid a variety of potential risks, from supply disruptions to compliance issues.

Best solutions

Let’s see our process

Steps in the Procurement Process

You: Tell us your requirements. SK: Complete the all procurement process. We only charge a service fee based on the procurement amount.

We delivery result!

Heavy-Duty Racking and Package Material Sale

SK offers the best-priced high-quality shelving and packaging materials across Canada. Feel free to inquire for quotes.


3 sizes available

Condition New, Ready for picking up in Mississauga and Scarborough

Highest capacity storage for bulky machinery, large IBC tanks and your heaviest pallets.


98 x 47 x 98″ / 98 x 47 x 118″ / 90.6 x 39.4 x 177″

250x120x250cm / 250x120x300cm / 230x100x450cm



Starter Units: in stock, From CAD499/Unit

Built tough for machine shops, manufacturing plants and industrial facilities.

Boltless assembly. Beams lock into place and adjust in 2″ increments.

Welded 14-gauge steel frame. 16-gauge steel beams.

Includes 2 upright frames and 4 beams.

Add-on Units: in stock, From CAD399/Unit

Extend racking to increase storage space horizontally.

Includes 1 upright frame and 4 beams.


2 sizes available

Condition New, Ready for picking up in Mississauga and Scarborough


44.5Wx39.5″D / 48.5Wx47.5″D

113×100.5cm / 123×120.5cm

In stock, From CAD39/Unit

Super strong design. Waterfall edge drops into place.

90.5 x 39.4″ galvanized steel mesh maximizes sprinkler efficiency.

Resists rust and corrosion.

Includes 3 support channels.