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Our head office is strategically located in Canada and the sourcing team working in China

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Welcome to the biggest product-sourcing company from China to Canada. With a decade of sourcing experience, we provide all sorts of sourcing services to your needs.

Need help finding expertise for sourcing goods? Work with us! We give you professional advice to build your eCommerce business, including:

  • QUALITY sourcing

  • SAFE shipping

  • 24/7 support

  • COMPETITIVE prices

  • We offer 1 Month Free Warehouse storage for your goods

  • The Lowest Sourcing Price guaranteed

What Services Do We Provide?

Product Sourcing

We have the most up-to-second products, so you notice the market trend. With us, you find REPUTABLE suppliers with BUDGETED goods to meet your branding needs.

Grow your business quickly and receive positive responses from customers

core business metrics

We provide a BROAD range of quality control services tailored to your needs. You get the best-in-town quality products at a competitive price.

By implementing this measure, you can reduce production costs and increase customer loyalty

Fulfillment and Warehouse

We help store, inspect, and deliver your product Quickly when needed.

We have seven warehouses in China and Canada, each spanning more than 10,000 sq ft. You don’t have to worry about inventory; we handle the job for you

Need Producting Sourcing In China?

SK Logistics Helps To Turn Your Ideas Into Reality!


Step1 : Submit Your Requirements

CONTACT US. You can either email us or submit your requirements through our website.


Our CUSTOMER team will respond to your request and assign an agent to assist you.

Step2 : Get a Quote

Depending on your project, your agent will send the quote within 48 hours.

Before confirming the order, we also offer a service — sending PRODUCT SAMPLES to customers. This allows you to verify what you are getting and ensures that it meets your standards.


Step3 : Confirm Order

Once you go through the PRODUCT SAMPLE thoroughly. It’s time for the BULK ORDER.

We will follow up and ensure HIGH-QUALITY final products.


Step4 : Product Management and Fulfillment

You can store your items in our WAREHOUSE until we ship them. With EFFECTIVE product management and FAST SHIPPING, we rank among the top services in the WORLD.

High levels of safety are guaranteed in our warehouses.


Sourcing Expert

SK Logistics is a TOP-NOTCH sourcing company in Canada with offices in China and Canada, with a decade of sourcing experience. You save hassles while our professionals do everything about sourcing for you.

24/7 Online Support

Our EFFICIENT and FRIENDLY customer support replies to your inquiries and rapidly sends documentation within 24 hours.

You get a COMPLETE quote from us at zero cost.

Freight Forwarding  Included

With over a decade experience in freight forwarding and custom clearance, our internal logistics team helps you directly forward goods from China to any destination in Canada at the lowest rate in the market.

Affordable Shipping Prices

SK Logistics has an EXTENSIVE network of shipping companies. We ship your goods fast and safely according to your transportation requirements.

You save more costs with our WIDE VARIETY of delivery service choices.

Risk-Free Payment

SK Logistics provides you with several payment choices like Paypal, credit card, Wise, and bank transfer.

Eliminate payment risk, and ensure customer information security.

Your order and payment information are protected with our SECURED payment methods.

100% Product  Quality

We source only from trustable suppliers with excellent and trendy products to give you a better competitive advantage.

Our procurement team will compare multiple suppliers, measure & test sample products for you before advice you to place large orders.