Here are the advantages of hiring a sourcing agent:

  1. Strong Supplier Network

A good agent is experienced in verifying suitable suppliers. They often have a strong supplier network to source quality products.

As a retailer, I often find sourcing agents that provide verified suppliers. I get quality products purchased from one of those reputable sellers.

  1. Cost-Saving

Professional sourcing agents can also help save money. It is worth it even after adding their service fees. These sourcing companies make a good price negotiation to get best prices for you.

Through sourcing agents, I get quality products at low prices. No more spending time on finding the best deal.

  1. Time-Saving

Sourcing companies have experience in inspecting, compiling, dealing, and shipping. You can save more time down the supply chain with sourcing agents.

Last time, I was frustrated with handling all the eCommerce processes myself. After hiring a sourcing agent, I can focus on improving my business model to generate more sales.

  1. One-Stop Sourcing Service

A sourcing agent handles the entire procurement process for buyers from other countries.  For instance, quality inspection, factory audits, legal precedence. Goods collection, customs clearance, etc.

The sourcing agent helped me to handle the entire procurement process. So I get no more headaches when hiring a sourcing agent.

  1. Better Security

A good agent helps overcome possible barriers and risks. You can reduce the risks of bad suppliers, late deliveries, or inferior goods. It will vastly increase your core competitiveness.

I got a step further than my other competitors. Why? Sourcing agents help me avoid encountering bad suppliers, late deliveries, or inferior goods.