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Our experts offer PROFESSIONAL sourcing services. We evaluate the SUPPLIERS. Check the product QUALITY. And get you only QUALITATIVE products.

You get 100% RELIABLE suppliers with HIGH product integrity.


Our sourcing services are ACCESSIBLE to small business owners. We even offer FREE quotes for your project.

You get FULLY-FLEDGED services at affordable prices.


Our sourcing process is both SIMPLE and TRANSPARENT. You have the option to personally review the sourcing suppliers.

This straightforward process ensures a 100% RISK-FREE business experience for you.


We employ a COMPREHENSIVE QUALITY ASSURANCE approach that actively engages our manufacturers. We procure SAMPLES directly from them and promptly generate QUALITY reports within a 48-hour timeframe. Upon meeting your specified criteria, we proceed to initiate purchases from these reputable suppliers, ensuring a steadfast commitment to QUALITY procurement.


We do not impose any upfront fees when initiating our sourcing service. Charges are applicable only when you are completely satisfied with every aspect of our service, spanning sourcing, quotation, order tracking, and shipping. Our commitment is to procure high-quality products at the most competitive costs through a fully transparent process, with absolutely NO HIDDEN FEES.

By paying the fees outlined below, you gain access to a seamless coordination service that encompasses product sourcing, factory audits, order follow-ups, quality inspections, and shipping support. This facilitates a smoother process of bringing products from China to you.

Order Amount Service ChargePayment Term
Less than $1,000 $100 100% payment when place order.
$1,001-$3,000 10% 100% payment when place order.
$3,001–$6,000 9% 100% payment when place order.
$6,001-$10,000 8% deposit and balance against before shipping.​
$10,001-$15,000 7% deposit and balance against before shipping.​
$15,001-$20,000 6.5% deposit and balance against before shipping.​
$20,001 upwards 6% deposit and balance against before shipping.​

Quality Plan

The Value of Pro Service

We have a PROFESSIONAL INSPECTION TEAM. Dedicated to factory AUDIT and QUALITY inspection. We check EVERY item. Ensure it meets the ISO STANDARDS.

Get 100% pure and QUALITY inventory before getting shipped.

  • Factory Audit start from $300

  • Product Inspection start from $300

  • Pre-shipment Inspection start from $300

  • Social Compliance Audit start from $495