It depends on your requirement.

Suppliers in the B2B platforms may be factories,trading companies,second or even third part middlemen.There are hundreds of price for the same product and it is very hard to judge who they are by checking their website.

Actually,those clients who purchased from China before may know,there is no lowest but lower price in China.Without taking quality and service into consideration,we can always find a lower price when keep searching.However,as our past experience sourcing for our clients,they focus on good cost performance rather than lowest price.

We keep the promise that quoted price is same as the supplier’s and no any other hidden charge.(detailed instructions please check Our Price page).As a matter of fact,our price is middle level comparing with the B2B platform suppliers’,but we offer you a easier way to buy goods from different suppliers who maybe located in different cities.This is what the B2B platform suppliers’ can’t do cause they normally only focus on one field products.For example,those who sells tiles may not know the lighting market well,or who sells sanitary wares may not know where to find a good supplier for toys.Even they can quote you price for what they find,normally they still find from Alibaba or Made in China Platforms.